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Spotify Advertising Production

How To Produce Audio Commercials For Spotify


In recent years there has been a growth of online  music services like Spotify, Deezer and Mixcloud. Radio stations have also developed online strategies to capitalise on the way we listen to radio now such as Absolute Radio Instream.

Spotify Audio Advertising Whilst there are similarities, advertising on Spotify and other online audio services is different to traditional radio and it should be treated as such.

Our team are experts in Spotify advertising. We are founder members of the IAB Online Audio Council and Spotify’s recommended creative partner which means Spotify trust us to produce commercials for their own clients.


The Rules of Spotify Advertising

Spotify advertising production follows the same process as traditional radio commercial production however there are differences between the two.

Spotify advertising commercials do not follow the same duration restrictions as radio commercials, so it gives a little bit more freedom in the creative process. RACC clearance is also not needed however we always recommend it.


Spotify Commercial Production

Users listen to Spotify differently to the radio, it’s a much more personal experience, so the tone of your Spotify advertising commercial needs to fit in with this.

The call to action of your Spotify ad should capitalise on Spotify’s unique targeting ability through the Spotify player to make your campaign measurable and accountable. 

Spotify - A Great Opportunity

Spotify and other online audio players are going from strength to strength and offer a great opportunity for advertisers, so our media team, Radio Results, can also work with you to plan and buy the media space.

There is a lot more detail to producing an effective Spotify commercial which is why we are here. We can work with you at every stage of the Spotify commercial production process to make sure your Spotify audio commercial sounds fantastic and delivers results.

Programmatic Campaigns

Spotify audio commercial sounds fantastic and delivers results. Programmtic campaigns often require commercial production at short notice and at a cost effective entry price.

Red Apple Creative has a team of experiences copywriters ready to turn a brief into an audio script with minimal notice. Our relationships with online audio platforms such as Spotify mean that we understand how to deliver effective copy specific to this method of delivery.

Few creative production houses have the skillset and tools needed to facilitate the express turnaround of audio commercials that Programmtic demands. We're proud to have developed a service that can meet this end of the market without compromising the more developed campaigns that we also cater to.