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Do I Really Sound Like That?

date.png 2015-06-24      |     Tagged:  perception   recording   voice  
It's an oft repeated phrase amongst newbies to the microphone. 
"Do I really sound like that?"
Yes. What did you expect? 

The truth is that you expect to hear your voice at a lower pitch. There is a simple science behind why we hear our voices at this lower tone. 
These science guys make the explanation very simple.


But this self perception isn't limited to how we hear ourselves. 
Mirror images distort how we see ourselves. These images that we see of ourselves most are images flipped.
The 'flip' of the image can create really jarring changes - but it's this image we see regularly. This image that we become comfortable with - so when we're taking the infamous selfie, we find ourselves taking several dozen until we find one where we recognise ourselves.

The rise of the selfie may help us better perceive our visual selves. So why not make more voice recordings and get comfortable with how you sound? A great confidence in your delivery and tone is just as important as that physical first impression.


Source: i100
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