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Good Casting is Gold Dust

date.png 2012-02-01      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  advertising   casting   dave lamb   radio   red apple creative   waybaloo  

Why good casting is so important.

Those of you with young children will most probably be aware of the programme for pre-schoolers on Cbeebies, Waybaloo. This cheery collection of crack induced characters are familiar for their yoga moves and more sedate programming than some of the other offerings on the channel.

So it was with much surprise a few weeks ago when a narrator was introduced for the first time. Even more surprising was the negative reaction from the parents that the narrator was none other than Dave Lamb of Come Dine With Me fame. He is very possibly one of the most in demand voices in UK radio commercial casting and for good reason.l

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RAB Announces Head of Creative Development

date.png 2012-01-19      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  advertising   clare bowen   creative   development   rab   radio  

Great news from the Radio Advertising Bureau as they announce Clare Bowen's appointment to the newly created position of Head of Creative Development.

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Internal Communications Conference

date.png 2012-01-12      |      Category:  Internal Comms      |     Tagged:  christina fee   easyjet   internal communications conference   pr week   radio shows   red apple creative  

Early December saw Red Apple Creative bring a new dimension to PR Week's 7th Internal Communication Conference.

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Demons Never Die

date.png 2011-10-18      |      Category:  Spotify      |     Tagged:  advertising   cinema   commercial   demons never die   film   red apple creative   spotify  

Brand new British horror flick 'Demon's Never Die' is out this Friday in cinemas.

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Amnesty International Creative

date.png 2011-09-07      |      Category:  Spotify      |     Tagged:  amnesty international   charity   commercial   radio   red apple creative   spotify  

After a successful campaign for radio to Burma last year, Amnesty International asked us to create their Clusterbomb commercial to run on Spotify.

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RAF Recruitment Campaign

date.png 2011-08-08      |      Category:  Spotify      |     Tagged:  raf   recruitment   red apple creative   spotify  

The Royal Air Force are embarking on their first campaign with Spotify and we're proud to have created the audio to go alongside their fantastic video.

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Win with Barclaycard

date.png 2011-08-02      |      Category:  Spotify      |     Tagged:  barclaycard   commercial   mercury music prize   spotify  

We were delighted to create Barclaycard's Spotify copy for the Mercury Prize Album of the Year Award.

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Easy as Child of Eden's Play

date.png 2011-06-22      |      Category:  Spotify      |     Tagged:  child of eden   commercial   game   spotify  

Users on Spotify may well have heard our commercial for the brand new game, Child of Eden.

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