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Why Does Music Move You?

date.png 2015-09-02      |     Tagged:  advertising   movement   music   response  

Clients who ask us why music is important to their commercial or video are often met with a tidal wave of passionate response from our creative team.

Music has a multitude of capabilities, but the best description I ever heard was from my first creative manager who gdescribed it as the 'emotional colouring in'.
An article by David Shariatmadari on the Guardian website went further and looked at why music creates physical responses such as the chills.
In summary there are three pretty good reasons.

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Do I Really Sound Like That?

date.png 2015-06-24      |     Tagged:  perception   recording   voice  
It's an oft repeated phrase amongst newbies to the microphone. 
"Do I really sound like that?"
Yes. What did you expect? 

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New Stars Join Red Apple Creative

date.png 2015-05-11
Creative-production house Red Apple Creative has made a series of recent hires to meet an increase in audio and digital projects this year. 

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Crumbliest, Flakiest Chocolate

date.png 2015-04-02      |     Tagged:  adverts   caramel   chocolate   mars   milk tray man   milky way  
It's the Easter weekend and there's little else on our minds other than sleeping and eating copious amounts of chocolate.

With so many delicious varieties to choose from we cast our minds back to our favourite chocolate ads of all time to share with you - just in case you're lacking a little inspiration!

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Valentines Playlist- Your My Lobster

date.png 2015-02-13
 With Valentines Day upon us we've created two Spotify playlists for the special day, but which one is for you? 

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50 Shades of Excited!

date.png 2015-02-12
With the all the sexual tension fizzling to a climax, fans around the world will flock (or shall I say frolic) to the cinemas on Friday- in what is estimated to be a 40 million dollar profit weekend.


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Christmas Playlist for All

date.png 2014-12-18      |     Tagged:  christmas   playlist   red apple creative   spotify  
Get in the festive spirit (that's spirit not spirits - we've seen some of your office party photos, you should be ashamed!) 
Red Apple Creative has a Christmas Playlist on Spotify to get you feeling all warm and fuzzy with festive cheer.

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Halloween Anthems

date.png 2014-10-23      |      Category:  Spotify
We've started a playlist to celebrate Halloween. There's a tonne of tracks ready to enjoy BUT we'd love it even more if you add a few of your own - it just helps to stop the squabbling in the office!

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Run2Work- Listen to An Audiobook

date.png 2014-06-04      |     Tagged:  audible   audiobook   listen   run2work   running  
Tomorrow is the first of 5 monthly Run2Work days.
Londoners are being encouraged to swap Oyster cards for trainers  and take an alternate commute to the office.

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First Choice and The Saturdays Poolside Playlist

date.png 2014-05-08
To celebrate 10 years of Holiday Villages, First Choice have teamed up with The Saturdays to create the ultimate Poolside Playlist.

Red Apple Creative created a mobile/tablet friendly responsive microsite to host the playlist builder & competition mechanic as part of the First Choice Spotify campaign. 

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World Book Night

date.png 2014-04-24      |     Tagged:  audiobooks   literature   production   reading   world book night  

Last night, April 23rd was World Book Night.

Admittedly we hadn’t heard of this until today but we love the concept.  In short, it’s about helping someone who’s lost their love of reading – or has yet to find it – rediscover this pastime.

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Reeboks or Nikes? When Music is International

date.png 2014-04-16      |     Tagged:  inernational   music   radio   reeboks or nikes   spanish  
Many of our recent campaigns have included international audio productions. Between these projects and the forthcoming football World Cup the theme of music and its ability to transcend language has been much discussed in the Red Apple Creative office.

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IVCA Grand Prix Winner

date.png 2014-03-31      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  2014   awards   ivca   jb3 creative   music   snk studios   the giggle group  
SNK Studios win both "Best use of music" and the Grand Prix awards at IVCA Awards 2014!

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Rajar Round Up Q4 2013

date.png 2014-02-06      |     Tagged:  absolute   capital   classic   heart   kiss   listening   magic   planet rock   q4 2013   radio   rajar  
A quick summary of the key facts from the latest RAJAR survey.

91% of the UK adult population tunes into radio each week (48.4 million) for an average of 21.3 hours each.

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When Metrics Meet Creative

date.png 2013-12-12      |     Tagged:  advertising   commercials   creative   metrics  

Actively blocking advertising messages by the use of Adblocker or other software apps is becoming frighteningly more common.
The high drive for metric based analysis and mass ad serving to deliver the ‘visit to serve’ ratio that your model demands may be the tipping point for many consumers.

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IAB's Future of Audio

date.png 2013-11-14      |     Tagged:  bauer   blinkbox   exaget   future of audio   global   iab   mixcloud   music   red apple creative  
Internet Week Europe was supported again this year with a series of events at the Internet Advertising Bureau’s head office.
Last night we took to the stage along with our peers to discuss the Future of Audio.

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RAJAR Round Up Q3 2013

date.png 2013-10-24      |     Tagged:  2013   absolute   capital   commercial   kiss   lbc   magic   q3   radio   rajar  
The votes are in and we can reveal that youth radio is the hero of this quarter’s RAJAR results.
While Kiss posted its biggest ever national figures at over 5 million weekly reach, Capital has been crowned the UK’s biggest commercial radio brand with 7.7 million listeners.

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Radio Offers Amazing Return on Investment

date.png 2013-10-14      |     Tagged:  advertising   commercial   marketing   rab   radio   research   return on investment  
Brands using radio in their advertising are rewarded with almost 8 times return on investment (ROI).
The research published last week by the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) has been a year long in the making, collating data from multiple industries and agencies.

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Welcome BBC Playlister

date.png 2013-10-09      |     Tagged:  bbc   curator   deezer   music   playlister   spotify   trusted   youtube  
Music fans have been gifted with a great new gadget from the BBC.
Playlister is an exciting and innovative addition to any music lover’s software toolkit.

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Capital Extra Replaces Choice FM

date.png 2013-10-03      |     Tagged:  aviici   capital extra   choice fm   commercial   craig david   global   radio   tim westwood  
From Monday 7th October London’s Choice FM makes way fro Global’s latest brand, Capital Extra.
Choice FM has been part of London’s radio dial for 18 years, even taking on a Birmingham license for some time.

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Spotify Launches 4 New Markets

date.png 2013-09-24      |     Tagged:  4   launch   markets   music   online   spotify   streaming   worldwide  
Another accolade for online streaming’s darling, Spotify has proved it’s brand dominance by being the only tech company to break into the Cool Brands top 20 this year.

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Original or Known Music in Commercials?

date.png 2013-09-19      |     Tagged:  advertising   bespoke   commercials   composition   i'm lovin it   john lewis   mcdonalds   music   sunny  
There is an interesting debate with using music in commercials. It’s undisputed that music applies a textual and emotive layer to your audio or filmed commercial.
The debate of whether using pre-existing music that has a heritage and resonance with your intended audience or creating a bespoke piece is best.

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Fender & Biffy Clyro 'Biblical' live performance

date.png 2013-09-18
The second of the three Biffy Clyro live acoustic videos we produced for Fender to promote their Takamine range has now been released and available to view. Watch them play this summer's hit 'Biblical' below. A Red Apple favourite!

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Westwood Joins Choice FM

date.png 2013-09-16      |     Tagged:  1xtra   choice fm   new show   radio   radio1   tim   westwood  
The end of an era for the BBC has proved to be an exciting new chapter for Global’s Choice FM.
Radio’s hip hop music pioneer announced his new weekly show on the station begins this Saturday (21st September) at 9pm.

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Rajar Round Up Q2 2013

date.png 2013-08-01      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  2013   absolute   commercial   heart   kiss   lbc   magic   q2   radio   rajar   talksport   uk  
So a quick snapshot of how UK radio has fared in the Q2 RAJAR stats….
Absolute Radio saw great gains adding 590,000 listeners taking its total to 3.8 million. Absolute’s London service was up 10% year on year but the big story is digital station Absolute 80’s which has posted record figures of 1.17 million making it the biggest all digital commercial radio station.

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