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Red Apple Creative Merge With SNK Studios

date.png 2013-07-23      |      Category:  Radio
Red Apple Creative merge with SNK Studios and launch Radio Results

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Fender & Biffy Clyro

date.png 2013-07-23      |      Category:  Film      |     Tagged:  biffy clyro   fender   promo film production  
We produced a series of videos for Fender & Biffy Clyro.

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How We Are Consuming Audio Content

date.png 2013-06-25      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  audiencenet   audio   insight   online   radio   rajar   research  


We’re lucky enough to be part of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Online Audio Council. At the most recent event Audiencenet shared the results of their research into listening habits for all audio.

Radio has had the steady hand of RAJAR to generate its audience research and the RAB for further industry insight and being always curious to the habits of the listening population we were keen to see how much similarity and difference would be found from existing research.

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Apple Announces iTunes Radio

date.png 2013-06-11      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  itunes   last fm   launch   radio   spotify   streaming  

The highly anticipated iTunes Radio has been announced with a primary launch in the US.

Although the name suggests a content driven radio service, it is in fact much more akin to the streaming services already popluar with music fans such as Spotify and Last FM.

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National Trust Signposts Fun

date.png 2013-06-06      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  advertising   national trust   signs  

The National Trust have shown their delightful sense of humour by commissioning a series of 'warning' signs for the sites around the UK.


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Young People Communicate with Radio

date.png 2013-05-20      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  advertising   audience   bbc1   kiss   listeners   loss   nick grimshaw   radio   rajar   youth  

Following last week's RAJAR the story being leapt upon is Grimshaw's fall from grace. Radio 1's new(ish) Breakfast host saw a terrific drop in listeners seeing it fall to its 2003 levels, the station overall has lost 1.3 million in the past 12 months. Having been tasked by the BBC Trust to reduce the average age of the listener, further insight to sadden the R1 team is that the only demographic to grow audience was the 55+ age bracket from 1.3% to 1.6%.

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Radio Listening Increases

date.png 2013-05-16      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  audience   capital   figures   jack fm   listening   magic   northsound 2   radio   rajar   sunrise  

RAJAR have published the quarterly radio listening figures. LIstening via DAB is ever increasing, up again to 34.3% of all radio listening.

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XFM and Ford Partnership Available on Spotify

date.png 2013-05-14      |     Tagged:  biffy clyro   ford   global   live   music   presents   spotify   suede   sync   xfm  
Global’s XFM and Ford have committed to an 8-month commercial partnership, promoting Ford’s in-car entertainment system Ford Sync.

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Sony Gold for Commercial Radio

date.png 2013-05-14      |     Tagged:  2013   awards   gold   klfm   radio   sony  

The annual radio 'oscars' - the Sony Awards took place in London last night. 

The Saturdays and Robbie Williams both gave performances to the celeb filled crowd with Chris Evans hosting this year's event at Grosvenor House.


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Pyjamas That Can Read a Bedtime Story

date.png 2013-05-13      |     Tagged:  audiobook   book   narration   pyjamas   reading   reads   smart  

Audiobook production is a big part of Red Apple Creative's production. The world of audiobooks is very much about allowing people to enjoy literature in a different way. We're also big champions of children's audiobooks - especially on those long car journeys. So we read the news of a new app that allows children to be read a bedtime story from the pyjamas they are wearing with an open mind. 

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Aerial Awards Return

date.png 2013-04-25      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  advertising   aerial awards   clare bowen   creative   rab   radio   return  

As part of the RAB's push to improve the creativity of radio advertising in the UK the Aerial Awards have been refreshed and relaunched. 

Commercials approved by the advertiser and on air within the past calendar month are eligible for entry. Emer Stamp and Ben Tollett from Adam&Eve/DDB will be the first judges of the awards.

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UK Ban on Political Advertising Upheld

date.png 2013-04-23      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  adi   advertising   broadcasting   echr   maria miller   political   uk  

The European Court of Human Rights has upheld the UK ban on political advertising on broadcast media after an 8 year appeal. The appeal was made by the campaign group Animal Defenders International (ADI) following a 2005 ban on their TV commercial promoting ADI's concerns of the commercial use of primates on TV.

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Online Audio Council Announced

date.png 2013-04-17      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  absolute   advertising   audio   council   iab   online   radio   red apple creative   spotify  

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) have announced their latest council of experts to focus on the platform of online audio advertising. Red Apple Creative are delighted to be part of the council and looking forward to the development and forthcoming projects that the council will lead.

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Mobile Ad Spend Triples

date.png 2013-04-10      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  advertising   commercial   digital   mobile  

Figures out today show that advertising spend on mobile has increased by 148% year on year to £526 million.

Christmas 2012 promised to be the year of the tablet as the most commonly received/requested present and unsurprisingly the fastest rate of growth for mobile ad spend was in the latter half of the year.

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Liberon Extreme Woodstain Radio Commercial

date.png 2013-04-03      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  commercial   extreme woodstain   liberon   radio   red apple creative   talksport  

Red Apple Creative are proud to have produced a series of three radio commercials for Liberon's first UK radio campaign. Talksport listeners will have heard this on air since the start of April.

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Liberon Finishing Oil Radio Commercial

date.png 2013-04-03      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  commercial   finishing oil   liberon   radio   red apple creative  

Red Apple Creative are proud to have produced a series of three commercial for Liberon's first UK radio campaign. Listeners to Talksport will have heard this since the start of April. 

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Liberon Decking Oil Radio Commercial

date.png 2013-04-03      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  commercial   decking oil   liberon   radio   red apple creative  

Red Apple Creative are proud to have created a series of three commercials for Liberon's first UK radio camapign. Listeners to Talksport will have heard these on air from the start of April. The lovely soundscape behind this one has us wishing hard for the start of Spring!

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Brand's Return

date.png 2013-03-28      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  download   russell brand   teenage cancer trust   xfm  

It was a thrill to hear Russell Brand return to radio last week as he took to XFM alongside some of his old team.

XFM have always enjoyed great relationships with comedians and edgy presenters and Brand fits both of these descriptions. After a long hiatus from UK radio following the Sachsgate 'scandal' it seemed a brave step for XFM to push ahead with this as a live show, but true radio and Brand's comic brilliance thrive in the adrenaline fuelled spontaneity that only exists within a live show.

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Stop Looking Up Our Skirts

date.png 2013-02-26      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  2013   advertising   hyper targeting   marketing   targeting   trend  

I don’t know what the gentleman’s equivalent is. Our headline is of course metaphorical and not a direct request to some unidentified voyeur.

It is however, unidentified voyeurs of a sort that the sentiment is directed at.  Having spent the morning talking to companies across the marketing world and reading their insights into the ‘big thing’ for 2013 in our industry I have been left feeling a little unsettled.

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Worse Than Instagrammed Food Pictures

date.png 2013-02-14      |     Tagged:  day   facebook   instagram   pancake   social media   twitter   valentines  


Thanks social media. Thanks for reminding us at minute by minute intervals that Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day as it appears to be known now). Without the delights of Twitter and Facebook how would we know what our friends/colleagues/ex-neighbour’s pancake efforts look like. Or indeed their filling of choice. Or that they were thinking about said pancake at 3pm.

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Happy Embargoed Day

date.png 2013-01-30      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  bbc   commercial   embargo   listeners   radio   rajar   results  


The way that radio is measured intrigues me. RAJAR is the official body for measuring both commercial and BBC radio in the UK. The current method involves residents from selected postcodes within licensed transmission areas being solicited to complete diaries that follow their radio listening over a set time period. This information is collated and upscaled to give the average of listeners and hours listened for each station within that area.

For such progressive times it seems an archaic system, but research into other methods has so far proved unreliable.

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Radio is Great for Snow Days

date.png 2013-01-21      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  commercials   heinz   immediate   radio   snow   tomato soup  

Every time a blanket of snow sweeps the country our inner child escapes. Reminders of a youthful era when you'd tune into local radio in the morning to hear your school's name called out as a closure for the day. I remember the privilege I felt in my early radio career when I was informed of the SNOWDAY password that schools had to provide when calling with their closure notice so that mischevious pupils didn't attempt sabotage!

Even in this digital age with Twitter being the fastest way to update people there really is nothing like radio to reflect the mood of the country at a time of collective disruption.

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Is 2013 the Year of Corporate Niceness?

date.png 2013-01-10      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  bigsociety   call nick   coporate   fairplay   liberal democrats   mcdonalds   niceness   nick clegg   reading   twitter  

A retrospective glance at 2012 is all you need to be reminded of the corporate distrust, the media distrust and the governmental distrust the nation felt thanks to tax avoidance, tax loopholes and the ongoing saga of hacking.

So will this new year herald a fresh start for the companies who have been smeared with the Dick Turpin tag?

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Happy New Year

date.png 2013-01-02      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  advertising   new years eve   socialising  

The New Year blasted off in traditional fashion - fireworks over Sydney Harbour, fireworks over the Pantheon, fireworks over Big Ben...etc. Nothing remarkably different from any other New Year's Eve. Socially the networks were busy with the usual blub of homogenised 'New Year' messages. In reality, the social scene was much quieter. In fact, I think this is the most subdued New Year's Eve I've ever known. Has the recession taken it's toll too heavily on the pockets of the nation? Or has the hype for what was once the most socially decadent and expensive night of the year finally had it's day?

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Merry Christmas

date.png 2012-12-26

Season's greetings! 

Here's one of our favourite alternative Christmas songs by Tim Minchin for you to enjoy. 

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