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Laughing At Others

date.png 2012-12-13      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  2day   beadle's about   humour   penk   prank   radio   steve   trigger happy   tv   you've been framed  


We’ve been asked a number of times for our opinion on the 2Day radio call.

No one could have predicted the terribly sad outcome for Jacintha Saldanha.

Especially the presenters at 2Day, who did not expect their call to be put through and initially became the source of envy amongst other presenters who wish they’d scored the scoop and then pity for the burden of their responsibility in this sad circumstance.

Whilst there has been widespread shock followed by condemnation for the presenters from 2Day it’s been somewhat overlooked that pranks are a very strong part of  ‘entertainment’ seen in broadcasting and many more grotesque pranks have continue to gain popularity this week.

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Tax Relief but Ebacc Cuts Creative

date.png 2012-12-06      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  animation   autumn statement   creative   ebacc   education   game   industries   red apple creative   taelief   tv  


The Autumn Statement this week saw George Osborne announce a 25% tax relief starting April 2013 for the game, animation and high-end TV industries.

It’s great news that these creative industries are being supported and given the chance to thrive in economically tough times.
To put the cherry on top, £6 million is being made available for training in these industries.

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This Week in Advertising 30th November

date.png 2012-11-29      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  advertising   age   asda   banned   boardroom   discrimination   go compare   john lewis   netmums   norway   sodastream   tv   women   zombies  


We have to mention the decision to suspend SodaStream's TV commercial from broadcast. With just hours to spare Clearcast withdrew it approval on the grounds that the commercial 'denigrates the bottled drink industry'. Cue much debate on either side and whilst we have our own opinion, the real winner seems to be SodaStream who have received a fair amount of coverage in the press and are signposting interested parties to YouTube where the commercial can be enjoyed without restraint.

Still, it's not as wild as the XXL TV commercial in Norway featuring zombies! The commercial is now banned from broadcast prior to 9pm for complaints that it was “provocative and stupid”...if that comment were carried forward to UK TV advertising that poor Go Compare chap and the semi-violent ads he currently appears in would be appearing before a committee of MPs to explain themselves!

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This Week in Advertising

date.png 2012-11-22      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  advertising   alcohol   asda   bishops   casting   christmas   church   churchill insurance   junk food   martin clunes   radio 4   red apple creative   stereotyping   women   you and yours  

To start the week off news that Churchill Insurance fell unexpectedly foul of that terrible curse of casting when their advertising frontman, Martin Clunes had his driving license suspended. We’ve blogged about the benefits and pitfalls of high profile casting, still at least their mascot nodding dog shouldn't cause them too much trouble. Unless it starts destroying sofas in a insurance scam?!

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The Power of Online Audio Advertising

date.png 2012-11-19      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  absolute   advertising   audio   bpi   iab   lastfm   online   red apple creative   spotify   we7  

Audio advertising is our strong suit and we've been making audio commercials for.....oooh,many years! Over the course of time audio has made the move into the online world and we've been delighted to use this space to show how powerful the auditory sense is in terms of engagement. 

Last Wednesday the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) hosted the last of 3 seminars on Advertising in a Online Environment and we were delighted to share our thoughts on this aspect of the advertising world alongside representatives from LastFM, We7, Spotify, Absolute and the BPI.

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Cuervo Tequila on Spotify

date.png 2012-11-05      |      Category:  Spotify      |     Tagged:  cuervo   spotify   tequila  

Why did the Mexican push his wife off a cliff?

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Absolute Leads Digital Listening

date.png 2012-10-25      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  absolute   digital   listening   radio   rajar   red apple creative  

It's RAJAR day, which for  non-radio people means very little. RAJAR is the quarterly measurement of radio listening and on the publishing of results soon follows the craftily spun press releases. Nobody is ever a loser, there are gains in share where there are losses in reach or gains in year on year where there are losses on quarter. 

But amongst the usual big stories about who's leading London commercially and will Chris Evans ever emulate Terry Wogan's successful audience highs - is the news of Absolute Radio's drive in digital listening

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The Truth About Advertising

date.png 2012-10-17      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  advertising   bodyform   brand   red apple creative   truth   video  

Advertising is an artform. To take a brand or a product and encourage people to feel something for it, to covet it, desire it, collect it, reserve it ahead of it's release or buy it in bulk, to recommend it to friends and to follow it on social network sites is not as easy as it seems. With some brands, say Chanel's perfunes the job is perhaps a little easier. Who doesn't want to smell divinely sensual?

Some products are a little more down to earth, who remembers the one click air freshner TV spot featuring a terribly precocious child and the infamous line "I'm going to do a poo at Paul's house!"

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Jake Bugg Live at Spotify

date.png 2012-10-17      |      Category:  Spotify      |     Tagged:  jake bugg   spotify  

We just popped down to Spotify HQ to see a live performance from Jake Bugg. See the photos on our Facebook page. 

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What About You Tube?

date.png 2012-10-04      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  censorship   films   paranormal activity 4   red apple creative   youtube  

There have been many discussions in the past few years regarding what is and isn't acceptable for children to see from advertisers. The overtly sexual images in advertising have been censored to appropriate time and location placements. Junk food advertising regulation is continuously being reviewed. The regulations surrounding advertising to children are enormous. 

So how did the 6 year old daughter of a friend manage to watch the trailer for Paranormal Acticvity 4 as a pre-roll advertisment on Youtube? A film classified as suitable for 18 years and over, designed to terrify adults will have been required to adhere to strict time scheduling for TV commercial broadcasts. How is it that the online video is broadcast without restriction?

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The Casual Vacancy Takeover

date.png 2012-09-27      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  audible   audiobook   download   jk rowling   spotify   takeover   the casual vacancy  

We've been looking forward to the launch of JK Rowling's first novel for adults after the earth shattering success of the the Harry Potter franchise. So, it was with delight that we helped Audible takeover Spotify for the day with a promotion for the audiobook of The Casual Vacancy. 

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Kellogg's Krave on Spotify

date.png 2012-09-26      |      Category:  Spotify      |     Tagged:  audio   kellogg's   krave   spotify  

We've just produced a commercial for Kellogg's Krave new White Chocolate Brownie flavour.... no wonder we're feeling hungry!

Hear it and our other work on Youtube or Facebook

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Cosmetic Changes

date.png 2012-08-22      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  advertising   cosmetic surgery   red apple creative   regulation   review  

The cosmetic industry is set for a serious review following the recent PIP implant scandal. Amongst the areas for review it's been suggested that the advertising of cosmetic surgery should be pulled in for tighter regulation. I'm curious to know how tightening the regs of advertising cosmetic surgery is likely to improve the standards of the industry? Understandably, the argument is that the over exposure of cosmetic surgery advertising means that it appears to have a commonplace part in our society - but, it does have a commonplace part in our society, doesn't it?! Botox parties, lunchtime face lifts, do you know someone who hasn't had some form of cosmetic treatment?

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Skirting the LOGOC Rules

date.png 2012-07-25      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  2012   adidas   advertising   corporate   london   nike   olympics   outdoor   paddy power   red apple creative   sponsor   tv  

The roads are blocked. Hundreds of lycra clad individuals have descended on the capital. The white tracksuit clad 'Jimmy Saville Tribute Act' that is the Torch Relay has finally made it's way to the centre of the events and those odd creatures, Wenlock and Mandeville are suddenly ubiquitously littering the streets. That's right, London  2012 is upon us and with it comes the enforcement of sponsor credential. There is a distinct division between those who believe that the corporate sponsors should be congratulated for supporting (financially) an event of this magnitude. And there are those who believe that it is the global evil of our times where corporate power overpowers moral responsibility. But I think there is a clear winner outside of the corporate sponsor boundaries.

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N-O2. What do you do when you're can't use your mobile?

date.png 2012-07-12      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  media   mobile   networks   o2   red apple creative   traditional  

Oops for O2 as their UK network crashed spectacularly this week causing many of their 23million customers to lose all services for a considerable period. So what do you do when you can't access your mobile? 

En route to a client meeting this week, we realised how lost (literally) we'd have been without our trusty smartphones. Checking client emails for the venue address, using Google maps to navigate to the venue, checking travel times and reservations for the return route. All fairly basic everyday stuff. In fact, it's been so long since we didn't have these services that we've forgotten what we'd do without them.

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The Year to Remember Forgets TV and Press

date.png 2012-07-03      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  2012   advertising   decline   euros   group m   olympics   online   press   radio   revenues   tv  

This, as we are regularly reminded will be the year to remember. The much hyped London 2012 Olympic Games have arrived in the same year that England qualified for the Euros and therefore advertising revenues should be revitalised. I recall reading that the year England failed to qualify was estimated to have cost the British economy £1b a good proporation of which would be the advertising spend for the accompaniements that we expect with big footballing fixtures, TV's, Cars, alcohol and takeaways (the irony of watching world class sportmen while enjoying a double pepperoni deep pan and a few bottles of larger!)

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The Noisettes Live at Spotify

date.png 2012-06-14      |      Category:  Spotify      |     Tagged:  spotify   the noisettes  

We've just seen an amazing live performance by The Noisettes at Spotify HQ. 

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Sweet Mercy Ma'am

date.png 2012-06-07      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  haribo   jubilee   queen   sweet   video  

When we saw this, we thought it must be shared. What a wonderful job and an ingenious tribute to the weekend just passed

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On Demand Success

date.png 2012-05-30      |      Category:  TV      |     Tagged:  bbc   britain's got talent   downton abbey   iplayer   itv   on demand   sherlock   twitter  

Appointment to view TV is a rare commodity. The finals of 'big' shows such as Britain's Got Talent still capture that live audience as the ratings prove. However, interesting results show that on demand viewing has gone stratospheric. So is it the availability of apps such the iPlayer on smartphones and tablets that is to be attributed to this success - or the great programming that is drawing people to view on demand services?

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RAB at 20

date.png 2012-05-24      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  advertising   commercial   creative   rab   radio   radio gauge   red apple creative  

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) celebrated 20 years of championing the UK commercial radio industry this week. For anyone who's encountered the RAB whether at an event or online can not miss their incredible wealth of research and information on this sector. 

It was at their birthday event that they chose to launch the latest tools for the trade. 

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...and the winner is

date.png 2012-05-21      |      Category:  Internal Comms      |     Tagged:  audible   awards   commercial   internal communications   ioic   radio   sony   xfm  

Award season is upon us! The Sony's celebrated UK radio just last week (more on that later) but first, we're delighted to have been shortlisted for an Institute of Internal Communications Award. 

Alongside their agency Logistik we worked to create bespoke in-house radio shows for Marks and Spencer's internal communications department for their various business strands.

Creating Internal Communications media is proving to be an ever increasing demand from our clients and this year could be especially interesting as we see more people having to adjust their working patterns and practices to account for the impact that the Olympics will have, especially in the capital.


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Digital's RAJAR Success

date.png 2012-05-17      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  absolute   capital   commercial   digital   future   kiss   radio   rajar  

In the shadows of the Sony award hangovers from earlier this week come the Spring Rajar results for UK radio. And a second cause for celebration amongst the industry it seems.


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Free Cake

date.png 2012-03-28      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  bus ad   cake   free   mr kipling   outdoor  

Walking to the studios last week we noticed a man loading cake slices into a bus ad. We see many strange things near our studios - a man dressed in tin foil knight armour, a person dressed in a rhino outfit outside a notorious 'gentleman's' club. But never cakes into a bus ad before. Still - this is London, a city of ecclectic eccentrics and you never really question these things. 

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Women in Advertising Gender Stereotype Shocker

date.png 2012-03-08      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  feminists   international womens day   stereotype   women  

So today is International Women's Day. And it occurred to me that, in amongst this conversation about liberating women and the stereotypes that befall us, that I (also a woman) had commited one of those cardinal sins. 

We recently produced a Spotify audio commercial for Crunchy Nut. Quite a fun one to promote bowling for the family and quite without hesitation I cast the voiceover as a woman and told the story from the view point of the mother.

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Target on Target with advertising

date.png 2012-02-27      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  coupons   pregnancy   privacy   target  

We know that retailers have been studying and analysing our buying and browsing habits in detail for a while now. Last week's story regarding US retailer Target rather letting the cat out of the bag by posting coupons for baby products to a teenage shoppers' home address before she'd had a chance to tell her parents, gave some very interesting insights into their analysis and predictions on consumers changing lifestyles. 

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