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"White People Are Becoming An Endangered Species."

date.png 2016-05-16      |     Tagged:  bbc   call in   katie hopkins   lbc  

The title of this blog is a little arresting.

You would be forgiven for assuming it to be click-bait.

Terrifyingly, this is just one of the opinions expressed on a recent radio call-in show.

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Welcome BBC Playlister

date.png 2013-10-09      |     Tagged:  bbc   curator   deezer   music   playlister   spotify   trusted   youtube  
Music fans have been gifted with a great new gadget from the BBC.
Playlister is an exciting and innovative addition to any music lover’s software toolkit.

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Happy Embargoed Day

date.png 2013-01-30      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  bbc   commercial   embargo   listeners   radio   rajar   results  


The way that radio is measured intrigues me. RAJAR is the official body for measuring both commercial and BBC radio in the UK. The current method involves residents from selected postcodes within licensed transmission areas being solicited to complete diaries that follow their radio listening over a set time period. This information is collated and upscaled to give the average of listeners and hours listened for each station within that area.

For such progressive times it seems an archaic system, but research into other methods has so far proved unreliable.

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On Demand Success

date.png 2012-05-30      |      Category:  TV      |     Tagged:  bbc   britain's got talent   downton abbey   iplayer   itv   on demand   sherlock   twitter  

Appointment to view TV is a rare commodity. The finals of 'big' shows such as Britain's Got Talent still capture that live audience as the ratings prove. However, interesting results show that on demand viewing has gone stratospheric. So is it the availability of apps such the iPlayer on smartphones and tablets that is to be attributed to this success - or the great programming that is drawing people to view on demand services?

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