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5 From....James Spink

date.png 2016-07-07      |     Tagged:  5 from   digital   james spink   manager  
Our 5 From... blog introduces you to the SNK team individually.

James Spink, Spinkster, Jimbo, Sprinkles to his colleagues. is next under the 5 From spotlight.

Here are your 5 From Sprinkles!.....

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Mobile Ad Spend Triples

date.png 2013-04-10      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  advertising   commercial   digital   mobile  

Figures out today show that advertising spend on mobile has increased by 148% year on year to £526 million.

Christmas 2012 promised to be the year of the tablet as the most commonly received/requested present and unsurprisingly the fastest rate of growth for mobile ad spend was in the latter half of the year.

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Absolute Leads Digital Listening

date.png 2012-10-25      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  absolute   digital   listening   radio   rajar   red apple creative  

It's RAJAR day, which for  non-radio people means very little. RAJAR is the quarterly measurement of radio listening and on the publishing of results soon follows the craftily spun press releases. Nobody is ever a loser, there are gains in share where there are losses in reach or gains in year on year where there are losses on quarter. 

But amongst the usual big stories about who's leading London commercially and will Chris Evans ever emulate Terry Wogan's successful audience highs - is the news of Absolute Radio's drive in digital listening

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Digital's RAJAR Success

date.png 2012-05-17      |      Category:  Radio      |     Tagged:  absolute   capital   commercial   digital   future   kiss   radio   rajar  

In the shadows of the Sony award hangovers from earlier this week come the Spring Rajar results for UK radio. And a second cause for celebration amongst the industry it seems.


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