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What's Wrong With a Woman's Voice?

date.png 2016-03-08      |     Tagged:  advertising   female voices   international womens day   one air  

When this little Red Apple’r started work in radio advertising it was as part of a local station, creating adverts for local and regional clients.

The complete on-air line up at the station was pretty identical to a lot of local stations at the time. Male lead with female co-host on breakfast, followed by a series of male presenters only.
This onslaught of male presentation was only interrupted at the weekends when a female was brought back on air for the middle of the day, presumably to capture some of the family shopping time.

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Women in Advertising Gender Stereotype Shocker

date.png 2012-03-08      |      Category:  Advertising      |     Tagged:  feminists   international womens day   stereotype   women  

So today is International Women's Day. And it occurred to me that, in amongst this conversation about liberating women and the stereotypes that befall us, that I (also a woman) had commited one of those cardinal sins. 

We recently produced a Spotify audio commercial for Crunchy Nut. Quite a fun one to promote bowling for the family and quite without hesitation I cast the voiceover as a woman and told the story from the view point of the mother.

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