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Cadbury Flavourites Spotify Commercial

Cadbury Dairy Milk Flavourites was a phased audio and digital advertising campaign that ran on Spotify UK in February and March 2016. 

Cadbury worked with Mindlabs and the London Contemporary Orchestra to discover how consumers interpret the flavours of their 9 'Cadbury Dairy Milk with' bars into sounds. This research was converted by the LCO into fully orchestrated tracks that enhance the consumer experience when enjoying the respective bars of chocolate.

We created audio commercials in phase one that directed users to a competition where they could win tickets to the launch of the "Sound of Flavourites" with the London Contemporary Orchestra. The commercials here are for phase two of the campaign and used the music created by the orchestra that 'enhances' the flavour and taste of the bars each piece was created for.

Three commercials were created for phase two, one which promoted the concept and directed users to the album of tracks and two which promoted the concept using flavour examples and invited users to play with the remixer app which our digital team developed for the campaign.