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Kent County Council


Kent County Council sought to attract experienced candidates to their Child Social Work posts.

Our sister company Radio Results booked campaigns on local radio and selected Spotify regions and briefed our creative team to make use of our 3D production capability so really bring this campaign to life.

Kent County Council were keen to show the difference they offer to enable Social Workers to carry out their key roles, thereby attracting well experienced candidates. This seemed to be a great opportunity for 'show don't tell' - where words alone wouldn't carry enough conviction.

We crafted three examples on varying scales of emotion with this version being the least emotive of them all. Most important, was to place the voice of a happy child as the centre piece of the commercial to really identify the positive reasons that candidates entered into this line of work originally. 

The campaign proved to be a great success with listeners who use headphones for Spotify and radio being able to enjoy the full 3D audio aspect of the commercial.