Creativity takes personality. Get to know ours a little better.

Our Culture

Our Culture

We're creative (standard). We're honest and open. A swear jar would bankrupt us all. We're all equal and we laugh at ourselves...and each other. We're unconventional, productive and we do whatever it takes to get the job done. We like burgers (meat, veggie and vegan). We always make time for each other and our clients. We live and breathe audio. We're all very different and we love that about our team. We like going to the pub...a lot. We praise each other and recognise achievements. We don't quit, we fix. We're kind and caring. We make a difference. We stick together and pick each other up when it's needed. We're people pleasers. We like to dance. We say please and thank you. We're passionate and motivated. We always leave our clients feeling good.

Meet the team

  • Paul Golliker

    Global Audio Director

  • Kayvan Moghaddassi

    Global Digital Director

  • Seb Juviler

    Studios Director

  • Charlotte Hill

    PA to Directors

  • Adam Kurucz

    Front End Developer

  • Aishah Amodu

    Integrated Producer

  • Alys Hewer

    Audiobooks Manager

  • Andre Harry

    Lead Developer

  • Andrew Lane

    Account Manager

  • Ben Laley

    Front End Developer

  • Brian Nentwick

    Client Development Manager

  • Catherine Brinkworth


  • Calvin Bowen

    Digital Designer

  • Cameron Jones

    Front End Developer

  • Charlotte Plant

    Head of Client Development

  • Chris Martin

    Front End Developer

  • Gavin Finney

    Senior Creative

  • Helena Kian

    Media Planner

  • James Spink

    Global Head of Client Services, Digital

  • Jaroslaw Jasinski

    Back End Developer

  • John Barraclough

    Audiobooks Producer/Editor

  • Joss Bibby

    Senior Art Director

  • Joss Moore

    Audiobooks Producer/Editor

  • Justyna Kawala

    Senior Accounts Assistant

  • Karen Errington

    Finance Director

  • Kathleen Moroney

    Global Head of Creative and Content

  • Luca Casazza

    Digital Designer

  • Lucy McDonald

    Media Account Manager

  • Marcella D'Aston

    Production Assistant

  • Niall Killeney Taylor


  • Nicola Alexandrou

    Audio Production Manager

  • Orsi Muntyan

    Digital Account Manager

  • Sonali Sen Sharma

    Integrated Producer

  • Theodora Mijailovic

    Digital Project Manager

  • Tom Parker

    Sound Engineer & Composer

  • Will Warr



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