Blog Industry Musings #2 - The Emperor’s New App Store

Industry Musings #2 - The Emperor’s New App Store

"Yeah, but what does that look like on Snapchat?"

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“Yeah, but what does that look like on Snapchat?”

“Great, but how can we use influencers to drive engagement?”

“So how can we add dynamic fields in?”

Over the last few years, questions like these have started to dominate agency-client conversations. The industry has obviously changed dramatically, with digital mediums replacing traditional, and broadcast commercials in the conventional sense going the way of the dodo. But does this really alter the creative process?

Short answer: ‘yes,’ with an ‘if...’

Long answer: ‘no,’ with a ‘but…’

In a world where the ‘Big Idea’ is still king, medium and execution have to come after that core truth that drives thoughtful and effective creative. In essence, the principles should generally remain the same, because ultimately the outcome is often the same.

A rubbish idea isn’t any better because it’s written in Java. A misguided marketing strategy won’t be any more effective because it’s got a quick response code that leads to a forum. Simply making a ‘viral’ doesn’t necessarily mean it will actually go viral.

The shift to digital in many ways has given certain agencies something to hide behind. Not only does digital have it’s own language, but also its own set of specialists, who will no doubt take great pleasure in showing off their vast knowledge of jargon.

At the end of the day, a tight brief is still a tight brief, and a good idea is still a good idea. The core of what we’re trying to achieve with the communication should never get lost. You still need to get to the crux of what you’re trying to say, and to whom, before you worry about how you’re going to say it.

Insight. Idea. Execution.

In short, ‘digital’ should still always be an added value – a way of elevating an idea to be more unique, attention-grabbing, newsworthy and useful – not the buzzword that wags the dog. Because apps, widgets, animations, blogs, content strategies and so forth are all too expensive to just shrug and say ‘why not?’

The future will be a terrifying place if people forget to always first ask ‘why?’

Gavin Finney,

Senior Creative


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