Blog 3 Ways For Brands And Businesses To Stay Connected Through Audio

3 Ways For Brands And Businesses To Stay Connected Through Audio

As brands face the unknown, here are three key ways to use audio right now to stay connected with staff and customers.

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There have been several articles circulating about radio and audio’s predicted consumption increases as we tune in during turbulent times.

The latest stats seem to suggest that radio is seeing a clear increase, with Global reporting a 15% rise in listening figures and the BBC reporting record live listening on BBC Sounds last week.

Whether as an outlet for emotion with our favourite songs, lifting our spirits with a comedy podcast or simply seeking comfort from our favourite radio show hosts, audio is as personal as it gets.

So as brands face the unknown, here are three key ways to use audio right now to stay connected with staff and customers.

1. Voice

Businesses are facing a nightmare scenario on an unimaginable scale and a reassuring voice has never been needed more.

With a rapidly changing situation, corporate communications are more frequent than ever, so it’s worth considering the way in which you’re speaking to your employees and customers. People are confused and anxious about their livelihoods and voice can help you to cover tough subjects in an empathetic and thoughtful way.

Whether it’s regular audio messages from the CEO (as we’ve already heard across the radio from supermarkets such as Asda and Sainsbury’s) or a mini podcast series covering the company’s position with answers about the future, voice is a way to add some humanity and emotional connection to your team comms and customer updates.

2. Listen

Put simply, big billion dollar brands shouldn't be using this time to sell. Instead, it’s time to listen to the needs of consumers. This is an opportunity to give back, to switch messaging from direct response sales in favour of building conversations and offering something of value.

And what I don’t mean by this is to switch all advertising to audio ads offering COVID-19 advice and updates. Although these ongoing warnings and updates are certainly needed, the radio groups and streaming platforms are doing their part here with regular news and giving inventory to advise the public. But let’s not forget we are all being traumatised and doing our best to get on with it. Hearing messages to stay at home every time we switch on any device is pretty despair-inducing. The anxiety across the entire world is growing day by day, so a little emotional intelligence is going to go a long way.

As mentioned in our last blog, there are a multitude of routes that a brand could take to give something back but one thing for sure is that, among the frequent public service announcements, the nation really needs brands to offer a little comfort.

3. Create

Advertising budgets are inevitably dwindling across almost all sectors, so now could be the right time to consider an original content strategy.

Over 9.4 million of us are tuning into our favourite podcasts every week in the UK; a medium renowned for being the ultimate way to build brand trust. Podcasts are a way to build relationships with customers authentically.

As we isolate to ride out the storm there’s a real need for information, education and entertainment and this is where brands have an opportunity to become creators and to make something meaningful for their audiences.

Editorial style content such as podcasts are perfect for driving deeper engagement and giving back to customers in times of need.

Whatever route a business or brand chooses to go down, another great strength of audio is the exceptionally quick turnaround. You can turn something around and get it live in as little as 48 hours and thankfully technology has meant very little disruption to the ability to record, mix and distribute campaigns and content.

If you want to chat more about audio and how you can use it for your business or brand, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Red Apple Creative team.

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