Blog COVID-19 Response - Phase 1: Risk Assessment

COVID-19 Response - Phase 1: Risk Assessment

The company Directors have carried out a thorough phase 1 risk assessment, and as a business with over 50 employees, are following the UK Government's advice to publish our findings on our website.

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The company Directors have carried out a thorough risk assessment, and as a business who employs over 50 people, are following the UK Government's advice to publish our findings on our website. Please feel free to contact us at any time should you have specific questions about any of the following actions.

Please also refer to our studios website, SNK Studios, for full risk assessment details:


We have implemented the following building changes, in line with the latest advice.

- 2m taped off markings on stairs as well as in studios and reception areas. See images for studios & reception layouts.

- New signage to the entrances of all studios for voice over artists / actors, guiding them straight into the voice booth and to remain there.

- Hand sanitizer to be provided at several points throughout the building, including next to the reception tablet (see sign-in procedure section for additional measures).

- Client ‘toilet’ access key card is to be kept on top of the drinks fridge in reception in a card stand/holder, along with hand sanitizer.

- No tea, coffee or water to be served during sessions or in reception during Phase 1. Only

self-service drinks in the reception area will be offered.

- Front of house staff will remain seated for the most part, with minimal movement (no drinks service etc.), but they will be the producers’ eyes and ears who are largely working from home, helping with scripts, letting people in and out, and directing individuals to the right floors.


- Only one tablet (furthest away from the front of house staff member) is to be used for sign in (if app is not used):

- The QR code is printed for our Sine app for fast / contact free sign in and several copies placed around reception/entrance.

ATTENTION ALL ATTENDEES: In order to take advantage of our contact free sign-in technology Sine, whilst also keeping our building secure, please download the ‘Sine Pro’ app onto your smartphone prior to attending a studio session at Red Apple Creative (available for free on iOS here or Android here). Once you’ve registered, you can simply use the built-in scanner to read the QR code available at several points in reception and around the building for fast, secure signing-in and out of the building. Note that Sine is fully GDPR compliant, read more here. If you prefer not to download the app, there is a tablet available on the front desk along with some hand sanitizer.


- Front of house staff will be doing regular cleaning throughout the building (at least twice a day) on handrails, door push plates, tables after clients have been in etc.

- Disinfectant wipes are to be placed in all studio live rooms for both staff and visitors to use as they wish. Voice overs / actors are encouraged to bring their own headphones and pop shields where possible.

- Our contract cleaners fully clean the building every evening. They also received new training for sanitising and social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak.


- Engineers will be working in the same room each day, not swapping around within a day (or at all), if possible.

- If you need to speak to your colleagues, please phone them on their mobiles - all engineers must keep mobiles on during sessions and answer if colleagues call. Politely explain to clients that this is to reduce movement in the building.

- If you need something from another room / storage when someone is already in there, please ask the member of staff in the room first to get it and wait (rather than going in yourself) and please do not hand things directly to colleagues.

- We will not be sourcing and serving client lunches as we usually would, they will need to go out for this and eat in their designated working space.


We can help clients arrange cabs and advise on keeping windows down where possible. We would need to pass cab costs onto clients in the usual way.

Where at all possible, all producers are to stagger session start and end times by half an hour and ensure clients don't spend a long time in reception (there will only be minimal seating available in there).

Producers will also aim to stagger day start/end times to reduce simultaneous arrival times and reduce transport pressure.


We will continue to keep everything under review over the coming weeks and months, and continue to make adjustments inline with the changing situation and the business’ requirements as we go. Once we’re ready to contemplate more significant changes or relax any of these fundamental plans, we will move to Phase 2, which we will consult on in due course.



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