Blog IAB UK: Digital Adspend Report.

IAB UK: Digital Adspend Report.

What does it mean for digital audio?

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This week the IAB released their full-year Digital Adspend report. So if you’ve been wondering how the UK’s digital advertising market fared in 2020: broadly speaking, it’s good news. The report shows that the market rallied across 2020, after taking a hit at the start of the pandemic.

In fact, overall spend grew 5% to reach a total of £16.5 billion across the year.

But what does this mean for our beloved digital audio? Well, the report gives us some answers, because for the first time ever, digital audio and podcasting data have been included in the report; a reflection of their importance and growth in the industry.

Both streaming and podcast adspend rocketed between 2019 and 2020, by 17% overall, to reach a total of £103.7 million. Podcasts can take a bow, as their adspend grew by 43%, a greater growth percentage than smartphone and paid search spend combined. To us here at RAC, the growth of digital audio isn’t surprising, as brands increasingly search to cement their audio identity in a changing and more audio-connected landscape.

So let’s hear a cheer for digital audio, and its upwards adspend trend. As always, if you have any questions about digital audio, drop us a line at

IAB members can find the report here.


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