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RAJAR Q3 Has Risen

The end of October draws closer. The nights get darker. And in the flickering glow of pumpkin lamps, it rises again, striking fear and joy into the hearts of audioland. It is… 2021 RAJAR!

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Today, RAJAR unleashed the first listening figures since before the pandemic.

Here’s a snapshot of the tricks and treats the report has to offer about UK radio listening.

Commercial radio has reported the best listener figures ever, with a record 36.8 million people across the UK now tuning in.

Global leads the market, having grown its audience to a record breaking 25.7m weekly listeners. This makes its share 23.5%, with Heart, Smooth, LBC and Radio X all reaching their biggest audiences ever.

Digital listening now accounts for 65.8% of all listening with DAB representing 43% of this listening time. Online and smart speaker listening is also on the increase, growing to a new high of 18.1%.

With so many industry stories about music streaming services and podcast growth, it would be easy to assume that radio might be on the decline, but RAJAR shows that the medium is still a powerful part of people’s daily lives. 89% of people over 15 still tune into the radio for an average of 20.4 hours per week and the total listenership for all UK radio stands at a record 49.5m people. In short: although our lifestyles have changed, people are still tuning in at home.

The pandemic has shaped the shows we listen to, as well as the times in which we listen, which can be seen by shifts in talk radio and breakfast show figures.

Times Radio’s first listener figures show an audience of 637,000 people a week, and LBC is thriving with a record 3m weekly listeners.

Finally, there’s a lot of buzz today around RAJAR’s new data collection techniques, which have changed since March 2020. Data collection now incorporates MediaCell’s Audio Content Recognition technology on respondent’s devices, as well as face-to-face respondents and listening diaries, bringing in an era of much more accurate reporting than ever before.

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