Blog Introducing ‘Hilda’, our biggest ever audiobook project!

Introducing ‘Hilda’, our biggest ever audiobook project!

We’re delighted to announce the release of our biggest ever audiobook project, available exclusively on Audible!

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Hilda is a series of six audiobooks based on the graphic novel series of the same name by Luke Pearson, which was later adapted into an Emmy award-winning Netflix television show.

Red Apple Creative adapted the script, designed and mixed 3D audio and recorded voice actors at SNK Studios. 22 voiceover actors played 93 characters across 511 pages of script.

Hilda is ‘an explorer, adventurer, avid sketchbook-keeper, friend to almost every creature in the valley and star of her very own Netflix show’. Across the series Hilda and her deerfox Twig encounter trolls, elves, giants and more in the city of Trolberg:

Red Apple Team:

Director: Kathleen Moroney

Binaural Mixing: Ben Bell and Luke McPeake

Sound Design: Red Apple Creative and SNK Studios

Senior Producer: Chloe McLaren

Producer: Barnaby Thornton

Executive Producers (Red Apple Creative and SNK Studios): Kathleen Moroney and Sam Dillon

Executive Producer (Audible): Alys Hewer

Scripts adapted by: Catherine Brinkworth, Steve Huthwaite, Pierce Tully, Kathleen Moroney


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