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Battlefield 2042

The latest release in an already iconic series, Battlefield 2042 brought the chaos of war to a new generation of consoles, throwing gamers into 128 player battles that combine dynamic storms and environmental hazards with Battlefield’s signature destruction.

EA challenged us to bring their script to life and give Spotify users a real taste of the chaos.

We developed EA scripts to create four immersive 3D audio spots that dropped the user directly into one of Battlefield’s blockbuster firefights. We surrounded users with enemies before giving them a grappling hook and an explosive detonator to help them turn the tide.

In the US and UK spots we used the in-game talent behind Battlefield's high-octane operators, and sourced voice talent to match that intensity for the German market.

Listen to the UK/US ‘Tornado’ audio with headphones for the best experience

Battlefield - Red Apple Creative


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