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Web Design and Development.

Cover Sauce is a Sync focussed music catalogue and music licensing service, offering Covers and Re Records of well known songs to come of the biggest advertising agencies, brands, television and film companies.

The process of sharing examples of the Cover Sauce library used to be one of phone calls, digging through hard drives and then emailing audio files to clients before the right tracks for the job were defined.


There are two key users we needed to cater for here: 1) The wonderful people at Cover Sauce. Helping them to share their vast audio library of songs and check the status of projects (within the confines of GDPR of course!). 2) The Cover Sauce clients. They needed to find a way to access and organise the Cover Sauce content quickly and conveniently. Audio is quite often an afterthought in complicated productions and Cover Sauce wanted to make sure they can be as helpful as possible in those situations.


Our first task was to create a sitemap for the platform. Getting an understanding of the kind of content we would be housing within the platform and assessing how it could be displayed in a logical manner was key here, so we made sure we took the time needed to get it right. The end result was a top-down view of the full site, which displayed the arrangement of pages and content in a clear, hierarchal and structured format.


This was the stage where we tested the effectiveness of our site map and made sure the key tasks on the site were catered for. We wanted to make sure the core functionalist was only a few clicks away. For the users, the key journeys were searching for tracks and compiling playlists.


We wanted the site to reflect the tone of brand, but designing the site with optimising the UX of the site was always at the forefront of our minds when making design choices. Designing the playlist dropdown UI was an interesting challenge, as we wanted a way for users to compile lists of tracks without disrupting their browsing flow.


One of the challenges with this website is how to add the initial tracks (a few thousand) to the database with minimum effort. We created a bulk uploader that automatically: 1. Generates the audio waveform. 2. Sets the tracks to live. 3. Identifies tracks with errors for immediate fix. As a result, we managed to add more than 4000 tracks in less than an hour.


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