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Celebrating 55 years of Doctor Who on the BBC by allowing users to step back in time and explore half a century of great music!

Working with the BBC

The name of the game was, naturally, to promote the new series of Doctor Who. Promotional video content and links to view the show on iPlayer ensured that we covered the 'awareness' aspect, while the playlist generator offered users a unique and interesting reason to engage with the experience.

The Concept

Doctor Who's history is rich and varied, spanning multiple decades. In celebration of this, our experience set out to offer users the opportunity to step back in time and discover the musical landscape during the show's lifetime - and we didn't even need a Tardis!

Combining Concept and Function into Wireframes

We produce wireframes to display layouts in their rawest form. Starting at this point helps us explain our reasoning behind the hierarchy to the client. An interesting feature included at the wireframing stage was the navigation buttons. With a simple click users could jump from one section of the payoff page to another. The concept behind this was to reflect the Tardis' ability to interact with space and time. To help maximise the reach of this campaign we included a share section at the bottom of the page. Users could invite their friends to join their journey through time by sharing a link to our microsite.

Designing for Space and Time

The BBC supplied a very high standard of assets along with a strong set of guidelines in place for us to build upon. We chose to use the 2D rock pattern behind the playlists to reflect the environment outside of the Tardis while journeying through time. The more 3D elements of this section are in place to add a sense of depth to the layout.

Back-End Dev Build

Playlists for the experience were carefully curated to ensure that the music from each year truly resonated with our audience. Tracks were hand picked so as to offer an accurate and insightful reflection of the music scene at the time, combining chart hits and cultural classics in equal measure.


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