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The Guinness team at Diageo IE wanted to take their first step into digital audio. The brief was to capture the sounds of Guinness Draught in a can, ensuring the soundscape was unique to the Guinness brand. Our goal was to target the younger Guinness drinking market and female Guinness drinkers.

We worked closely with the Guinness team to craft a completely immersive (3D) audio script that matched the storytelling approach of the brand’s overarching campaign.

We recorded the sounds of real Guinness cans, from the first crack of the can opening to the satisfying surge, and the rattle of the unmistakable Guinness widgets inside. The result was a fully immersive audio commercial championing the Guinness drinking experience at home (while pubs were closed during the pandemic).

The campaign ran across Spotify and audioXi in Ireland.

Listen to the spot with headphones for the best experience

Guinness - Red Apple Creative


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