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Exporting e-commerce - Let the data tell the story

Retail Week is a UK-based news magazine, website and data service covering the retail industry. We were commissioned to create a series of vibrant and informative animations shedding light on how different countries buy online.

The purpose of the 'exporting e-commerce' project was to create isolated case studies which showcase retail patterns and e-commerce activity in a number of countries from around the world. Particularly those with a thriving or diverse economy.

One of our biggest challenges here was to turn data gathered into a story; and a story that people could follow, enjoy and engage with.

The first video was well received and set the standard moving forward. We applied the same methodology to the rest of the videos in the series to create the full set more efficiently, while still maintaining a consistent level of quality.

Setting the style

We began by researching cultural iconography to give each video its own recognisable visual theme. We were very careful to not use any commonly used, stereotypical elements to keep things fresh and authentic.

Digesting the data

Working with the team at Retail Week, we sifted through all the data to find the most salient and useful insights. We then set about finding the most appropriate way to express that information.

Here's a snapshot of the visual range we covered with each of the videos.

Amplifiying the campaign

Taking some of the assets we used to generate the video, we built a number of beautiful high-res assets for Retail Week to use on their social and adverting channels.

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