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Being hungry can make everyone feel out of sorts so we worked with Spotify and Mars to position Snickers as the solution to that problem internationally.

Snickers is well known for making people feel like themselves again when they’re feeling hungry. The “You’re not you when you’re hungry” concept has been consistently used in brand marketing communications over the past few years and Spotify and Mars challenged us to make the concept work in the audio space

This was an international brief too, so we also had to work on the additional challenge of creating audio that had universal appeal across Europe and beyond.

We landed on the idea of creating familiar ‘on the go’ scenarios in which, when hungry, certain sounds would be more irritating than usual. This way we could keep to the original concept, whilst playing to one of the main strengths of audio - theatre of the mind.

As this was an international campaign, we had to make the themes relatable to 26 different markets and 25 different languages - So what sounds would make you feel a hunger-based frustration, wherever you’re from?...

Someone drinking loudly from a straw on a train and windscreen wipers squeaking whilst stuck in traffic. Both sounds that normally aren’t that annoying, but when hungry become much more irritating.

The solution, of course, was a Snickers - plus a fresh playlist tweaked from the user's listening habits.

This huge campaign included 27 microsites, plus an on-packet QR code to push more traffic to the digital experience.

Snickers - Red Apple Creative


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