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The Challenge

The Yacht Week wanted to change the image of their brand and open it up to a whole new audience. The current perception was that the floating, multi-destination festivals were just for affluent party-goers looking for a luxurious vacation experience. They needed to maintain this consumer base while also attracting what they called ‘conscious entrepreneurs’ - more savvy individuals interested in health, fitness and wellness. How could we show off the breadth of the activities and locations on offer in a way that would reach new audiences?

The Solution

We decided to create a microsite that could offer every visitor a personalised experience, informed by Spotify’s first-party data. We analysed users’ listening habits and then served them a bespoke itinerary of activities and destinations offered by The Yacht Week that reflected their favourite music. For example, a high percentage of up-tempo listening led to an active adventure holiday, while a preference for calming sounds led to a more relaxing oasis.

We also generated a tailored playlist for every user that aligned with their dream results from The Yacht Week. Our experience also simply linked out to The Yacht Week’s own e-commerce site for ease of purchase if users wanted to book their trip there and then.

Client says1

Working with Red Apple Digital was, in a word, seamless. From the initial pitch to the final delivery, the team surpassed expectations at every stage of the process. They nailed the brief, accommodated our timelines and ultimately created an innovative product that helps us to acquire, engage, segment and convert our customers in a creative, new and exciting way.

Will Weeks, Director of Marketing & Technology, The Yacht Week The Yacht Week


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